A lot of friends, family and colleagues have expressed both that they are’t quite sure how to get on top of their money, and aren’t particularly interested in finding out how to. Fortunately, I’m a lame personal-finance nerd, so I’ve written a very simple set of instructions to get on…

Panic is the other contagious disease we’re currently battling

Last friday, I and many thousands of UK business owners, self-employed workers and unemployed workers eagerly tuned into the 5pm news, hoping to catch a vital update on whether the government would be offering us the essential aid that we need to survive the coming 3 months. …

The centre of the universe

Modern startup culture has painted a cliched image of the founder’s journey. It often starts with young friends who have some mix-and-match of these classic tropes:

  • Dropping out of college.
  • Taking crazy risks with their personal finances.
  • Working in some wholly inappropriate location (and sleeping there if you’re really hardcore).

Anthony Collias

Co-founder of Stasher and Treepoints, co-host of The Morality Of Everyday Things.

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