• Nad Hemnani

    Nad Hemnani

  • Ben B Nguyen

    Ben B Nguyen

    Founder of @KANDSTech, the best .NET AND MOBILE Software Consultancy in London . Feeding family first then startup.

  • Dan Barnes

    Dan Barnes

    Robotics DPhil Student, Oxford Robotics Institute, University of Oxford.

  • Charlotte Qazi

    Charlotte Qazi

    #WomanInTech — Senior Engineer at BCG Digital Ventures — General Assembly London Alumna

  • Maggie Lay

    Maggie Lay

  • Lucien Lecarme

    Lucien Lecarme

    Inspirational medicine for living a more meaningful life in the age of disruption. Crypto Educator. Receive my free truth bombs: lucienlecarme.substack.com

  • Apostolos Apostolakis

    Apostolos Apostolakis

    Hustling at VentureFriends.vc

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